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My Philosophy

We are all healers within ourselves.  I believe that we often need assistance in the healing process.  I provide that assistance by setting three clear intentions for your session: 

To open up your heart, (specifically from the back, between your shoulder blades), to release all of the low frequency energy around you and to fill you back up with divine love and gratitude.  I do this by creating a safe, sacred, loving space for your personalized healing session.  


I intuitively personalize each healing session by integrating intentional physical and energetic work using Massage, Reiki, Essential Oils, Oracle Cards and Sound.  I like to work with people on many levels, helping them to heal their physical, mental, biological, auric and etheric bodies. I am able to show the physical and emotional connection, which leads to stress and disease. The number one cause of all disease is inflammation. The number one cause of all inflammation is stress. I help release that stress.


I believe emotional matter has physical weight, and this healing session will prove it. My physical Massage specialty is deep tissue on the neck, shoulders, spine and hips. My energy work specialty is helping you to open up your heart to receive the divine love and gratitude that is available to you. When incorporated, the oracle cards always provide a different perception into our healing process.  The help to connect the mind, heart and soul in a visual way.


I believe that our bodies are like musical instruments that play the tune of grace and harmony. My healing sessions help to attune you to your higher self to strengthen that connection, and bring you back into your true, divine self.

Education & Certifications

1992 Temple University, Phila, PA, B.A. in Communications

2014 ITMB Now, Chadds Ford, PA, LMT

2014 Awaken with Light, Inc., West Chester, PA, Reiki Master

2014 Wisdom of the Earth, Chadds Ford, PA Level I Medicinal Aromatherapy

2016 Universal Life Church Ministries, Ordained Minister

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About Me

Elizabeth was born just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated from Temple University with a Communications degree.  She became a Reiki Master after realizing her intuitive gifts and skills.  She attended ITMB in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania where she received her massage therapy license in 2014,  and has worked in all types of venues: spas, salons, medical offices, outdoor events, corporate offices and private spaces. 



Elizabeth moved to Sedona, Arizona in 2019 and has a private studio in West Sedona where she practices her Healing Arts.  She chose to live in the energy of Sedona to learn as much as she could about healing.  She is very interested in the spiritual and metaphysical teachings.  In addition to massage, reiki and sound, she offers intuitive readings using oracle cards.


When she is not in a healing session you can find her on the Red Rocks of Sedona connecting with Mother Earth. 

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